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Japan Partner - Car Shipping Cost

Estimated Car Shipping Cost from Nagoya to Ports Worldwide

The shipping cost below is set either per cubic metre of export size or per car.

To find shipping cost of any car you are to multiply car shipping cost per cubic metre and export size of car. You may find export size of cars in our stock list in export size column. For example export size of Nissan Primera is 10.48 cubic metres in accordance with our stock list. Car shipping cost to Port Durban (South Africa) is US$70.00 per cubic metre. This means that car shipping cost of Nissan Primera is 10.48*70 = US$734.00

If export size is not specified for the car of your interest you may consider an average value of similar cars. For example

Port Country per m3 per unit 20ft container 40ft container Details
UMM QASR ---------- US$ 2450 US$ 3950 updated Mar 2013
none ---------- dummy
Luanda Angola US$ 3680 US$ 7283
Lobito Angola US$ 3300 US$ 6500 MEDSHIP MSC JAPAN
St. John's Antigua and Barbuda
Buenos Aires Argentina US$ 2960 US$ 5700 MSC Japan K.K. Yokohama / Osaka / Nagoya
Erevan Armenia
Any port Australia
Fremantle Australia US$ 1700
Brisbane Australia US$ 1100 US$ 1900 RO/RO ARMACUPupdated Jan.2014
Sydney Australia US$ 1650 US$ 3050 per m3 NS LINE MAR.4,2014/ Shipping by YANG MING (Jan.2014) RO/RO K-LINE UPDATED APR.20.2010
Darwin Australia once a month(end of month)RO/RO K-LINE UPDATED APR.20.2010
Melbourne Australia US$ 1860 US$ 3500 Every Friday RO/RO K-LINE TWICE SERVICE/MONTH APR.15.2010
Adelaide Australia
Nassau Bahamas US$ 5325 US$ 7080 HOEGH AUTOLINERS , K-LINE (2020)
Freeport Bahamas US$ 6500 k-line
Salman Port Bahrain US$ 1798 US$ 3403 Transit Time 24 days.
Chittagong Bangladesh US$ 1970 US$ 4200 RORO- ECL LINE CONTAINER - EXNET updated Feb.2015
DHAKA Bangladesh US$ 2300 US$ 4100 Ro-Ro is not possible
Bridgetown Barbados US$ 4180 US$ 6600 EXNET ,ZIM,HL(UPDATE MAY 2013) 20F,40F/// Ro Ro Shipment:K-LINE & NYK-LINE Container: every Tuesday(MSC 50days from Nagoya)
Zeebrugge Belgium US$ 1348 US$ 2393 (UPDATE FEB.2014) EXNET 40'H...USD2503
Antwerp Belgium US$ 1500 US$ 2730 CMACGM updated Sep.2013
Gent Belgium
Belize City Belize US$ 4390 US$ 5780 Prepaid only. Yuwa Shipping.
Cotonue Benin US$ 3060 US$ 5800 as of 15/JUN, 04, once every month end, K-line / MO Line, 20ft and 40HC shipper MSC K.K.
Hamilton Bermuda US$ 6715 k-line, once a month(around 10th),
Gaborone Botswana US$ 2940 US$ 7800 It wil be delivered from Durban port to Gaborone. MEDITERRANEAN SHIPPING CO. S.A
Santos Brazil Santos via Manzanillo, Panama, WWL, updated MAR 2018
Muara Brunei Darussalam US$ 1300
Varna/Burgas Bulgaria US$ 2074 US$ 3214 (UPDATE JUL.2015) 20FT(EXNET), 40HC(SUNNY MARINE)
SIHANOUKVILLE Cambodia US$ 1300 US$ 2350 Meijyo Shipping, Service once a week (2008/03/07)
Douala Cameroon US$ 3070 US$ 5760 K-line or Inter Ocean Shipping / Container shipment MSC(Order EX-NET they have special price) Updated Apr.20.2010
Vancouver Canada US$ 3300 US$ 4200 K Line & NYK(only Yokohama port) World trans port loading port : Yokohama or Osaka only (updated Nov.2014) container- Exnet (updated Feb.2015)
Regina Rail Ramp Canada US$ 4444 US$ 5900 Weekly Departing Ship from Nagoya
Toronto Canada US$ 4608 US$ 6059 EXNET(UPDATE MAY.2013) +JPY34,000(20'),JPY48,000(40') / 40'...USD5561, 40'H...USD6059 /// ZIM,Every Tuesday
Montreal Canada US$ 4900 US$ 6100 K-L / COSCO / YML / HJ>>>Via Vancouver. Peak Season Surcharge 20ft. 300 USD, 40ft. 450 USD
Halifax Canada US$ 2700 US$ 3400 updated OCT 2017 / Containers by ZIM / updated OCT 2017 / RORO ARMACUP
Winnipeg Canada US$ 6350 AOT
Saskatoon Canada US$ 6100
Georgetown Cayman Islands US$ 4900 US$ 7110 Hoegh, ex-net corporation
IQUIQUE Chile US$ 2122 US$ 1980 US$ 3880 MSC Line (Feb,06,2008) Ro/Ro K-LINE(FEB.8.2010)
Valparaiso Port Chile US$ 2600 US$ 5100 40ft HQ container, ship every Thursday
Xingang (Peking by road) China buyer must have import license
Ning-bo, Shanghai China US$ 400 US$ 615 the same price for the both ports
Dalian China
Buenaventure Colombia
Cartagena Colombia
Comoros Comoros FROM DAR ES SALAAM
Boma Congo US$ 4400 US$ 8560 20ft and 40ft HC RO/RO K-LINE
Point Noire Congo US$ 4220 US$ 8380 Shipping by DELMAS - Every Wednesday. RO/RO K-LINE
Rarotonga Cook Islands US$ 5000 RO/RO or Container
Port Caldera Costa Rica US$ 3420 US$ 6650 RO/RO K-LINE 2010.MAR.09 CONTAINER CARRIER: MSC
Abidjan Cote D'Ivoire US$ 3080 US$ 6090 20 and 40ft HQ container, MAERSK LINE / RO/RO CARRIER IS MOL / updated APR 01 2010
Rijeka Croatia (Hrvatska) US$ 2891 US$ 5215 By ZIM
Havana Cuba US$ 2900 US$ 5050
Larnaca Cyprus
Famagusta Cyprus US$ 3100 US$ 4900
LIMASSOL Cyprus US$ 1526 US$ 3011 SMT(UPDATE APR.2015)+JPY33,700(20'), JPY45,700(40')/// COMPANY: CMA CGM
Copenhagen Denmark US$ 1375 US$ 2640 EXNET (UPDATE MAR.2014) + JPY29,000(20'), JPY42000(40') /no roro services
Djibouti Djibouti US$ 2490 US$ 4330 SHIPPER MSC, 20ft and 40ft HC container, ro /ro OK updated 26 08 2010
Roseau Dominica US$ 4500 US$ 6700 K-line updated Jun.2014
Santo Domingo Dominican Republic K-line and Hoegh autoliners
Dili East Timor US$ 3575 US$ 6325 MARIANA EXP.(UPDATE NOV.2014)+JPY33,240(20'), JPY48,240(40')///CFS,RORO SERVICE IS NOT AVAILABLE ///RORO Surabaya(Indonesia) vanning (20'container) at Surabaya→DILI(East timor) ECL BL FEE $260/BL
Alexandria Egypt US$ 2148 US$ 3787 Once per month RO/RO K-INE CONTAINER : MAERSK UPDATE FEB.2015
Acajutla El Salvador
ACAJUTLA El Salvador US$ 3920 US$ 5730 MAERSK LINE , Schedule: weekly, about 40 days duration
BETA Equatorial Guinea US$ 4400 US$ 7800 DELMAS containers only/ no ro ro
Massawa Eritrea US$ 3500 US$ 6700
PALDISKI Estonia RO/RO K-LINE & ARMACUP T/S in Bremerhaven 1or2 service/month(NOV.2014) & armacup japan via:Bremerhaven)
Djibouti Ethiopia US$ 1825 NYK for RO/RO
Suva Fiji US$ 2980 US$ 6070 KYOWA-SHIPPING
Lautoka Fiji US$ 2980 US$ 6070 Kyowa shipping
Helsinki Finland US$ 1700 US$ 3100 Container Only
Hanko Finland US$ 2939 US$ 5850 container shipping with MSC
KOTKA Finland
Le Havre France US$ 2160 US$ 4050 RO/RO Hoegh Auto Liners Container carrier is MSC (Order EX-NET special price) Updated Apr.20.2010
FOS France US$ 1850 US$ 2995 SMT (UPDATE JUN.2014) +JPY33,640(20'), JPY45,640(40')
Papeete French Polynesia Kyowa shipping
Libreville Gabon US$ 4300 US$ 8550
Banjul Gambia US$ 3360 US$ 6650 20ft and 40ft HC, MAERSK LINE, 44 DAYS on the SEA, EVERY SATURDAY
Bremerhaven Germany US$ 1870 US$ 2847 (CONTAINER) SUNNY MARINE (RORO) K-line,& ARMACUP 1-2 times a month updated Nov.2014
Tema Ghana US$ 2250 US$ 4400 MSC line, 20ft and 40ft containers ( UPDATED JAN 31st 2008 ) / roro OK , confirmed 27072010
Accra Ghana
Gibraltar Gibraltar US$ 3352 Maersk - Prepaid only.
Piraeus Greece
Thessaloniki Greece US$ 3200 US$ 5000 Containers only.
St. George's Grenada US$ 5800 US$ 7500 MSC SHIPPING , updated 14 09 2010
Pointe a Pitre Guadeloupe K-LINE
Guam Guam US$ 2800 US$ 2350 US$ 5800 Ro/Ro with Kyowa shipping / updated MAY 2015
Port Quetzal Guatemala US$ 2550 US$ 5250
Conakry Guinea US$ 3640 US$ 6580 ro/ro not available, conttainers only CMA SHIPPING LINE
Bissau Guinea-Bissau
Georgetown Guyana US$ 5300 US$ 8100 CONTAINER - MAERSK
San Lorenzo Honduras
Hong Kong Hong Kong US$ 1000 US$ 875 ~12m3:420USD,12~15m3:450USD,15m3~500USD, Ever green 350 USD 20ft container
BUDAPEST Hungary US$ 2395 US$ 4260 MSC JAPAN
Reykjavik Iceland US$ 4270 US$ 7087 As of March, 2006
Calcutta India
Mumbai India US$ 2300 Carrier : yang ming , Vessel schedule: every Wednesday, Space is tight , UPDATED 09 JUL 2010
Jakaruta Indonesia US$ 830 US$ 1450 updated Jul.2014
Surabaja Indonesia
Bandar Abas Iran (Islamic Republic of) US$ 2450
UMM QASR Iraq US$ 1550 US$ 2550 updated NOV 2016 MSC
Dublin Ireland US$ 2401 US$ 4396 Maersk, Vessel leaving every Monday. roro updated Nov.2014
Ashdad Israel US$ 3100 US$ 5600 MSC JAPAN K.K. ro/ro Arma cup japan (via Piraeus)
Haifa Israel US$ 3100 US$ 5600 MSC shipping updated 14 Feb 2013 Haifa / Ashdad
Liborno Italy
Sabona Italy
GENOVA Italy US$ 1150 US$ 2100 MSC Japan
Kingston Jamaica US$ 4450 US$ 6065 K-line, Container-Evergreen once a month. roro updated Nov.2014
Naha Japan US$ 1000
Atsugi Japan US$ 640
Yokosuka Japan US$ 520
Tokyo Japan US$ 600
Aqaba Jordan US$ 2500 US$ 4600 Valid until July 30th, 2008.
Almaty Kazakhstan US$ 4905 US$ 7575 coc freight updated MAY.2015 SHIPPING LINE: GWG LOGI
KARAGANDA Kazakhstan US$ 8680 updated Aug.2014
uralsk Kazakhstan US$ 8285 soc freight up dated may.2015 shipping line:GWG
zhilayevo Kazakhstan US$ 8285 soc freight updated may.2015 SHIPPING LINE: GWG
UST KAMENOGORK Kazakhstan US$ 8980 coc freight updated Jun.2014
Kokhsetau Kazakhstan US$ 6395 US$ 9415 coc freight updated MAY.2015 SHIPPING LINE: GWG LOGI
Astana Kazakhstan US$ 6045 US$ 8805 coc freight updated MAY.2015 SHIPPING LINE: GWG LOGI
Mombasa Kenya US$ 2150 US$ 4200 container once a week
Tarawa Kiribati US$ 4435 Kyowa Shipping, Container 20ft only.(Need to ask)
TARAWA Kiribati
Pusan Korea, Republic of US$ 550 US$ 880 updated Jun.2014
Inchon Korea, Republic of US$ 700
PYONGTAEK Korea, Republic of roro EASTERN CARLINER updated Aug.2014
Shuwaikh Kuwait US$ 1900 US$ 3400
Bishkek Kyrgyzstan US$ 6105 US$ 9405 coc freight update on may.2015 shipping line:GWG
Beirut Lebanon US$ 2895 US$ 5100 Container Carrier is MSC , updated JULY 2011
Monrovia Liberia US$ 4200 US$ 7800
Tripoli Libyan Arab Jamahiriya US$ 2500 US$ 4600 Updated 12 Mar 2013
Klaipeda Lithuania US$ 2188 US$ 3643 updated MAY.2015 shipping line:MAERSK
Tamatave Madagascar US$ 2035 US$ 3600 20, 40ft HQ container, every Tuesday, MSC LINE
Port Klang Malaysia US$ 1400 US$ 890 US$ 1100
Maldives Maldives US$ 3000 US$ 6100
Bamaco Mali US$ 11850 DELMAS containers only/ no ro ro, Price includes rail fee from DAKAR to BAMACO,updated JUL 2011
Abidjan Mali
Valetta Malta
Marsaxlokk Malta US$ 1600 US$ 3500 MSC, Every Tuesday
Majuro Marshall Islands US$ 1800 20FT container lonly, Kyowa shipping
Port of France Martinique
Nouakchott Mauritania US$ 4250 US$ 7350 SHIPPING COMPANY: MSC Shipment updated 14 APR 2011
Port Louis Mauritius US$ 2000 US$ 3900 RO/RO MOL only
Manzanillo Mexico US$ 1350 US$ 2250
Kosrae State Micronesia, Fed. States of US$ 2400 20FT ONLY, KYOWA LINE
Chuuk Micronesia, Fed. States of Kyowa shgipping
Phonpei Micronesia, Fed. States of Kyowa shipping
Korsa Micronesia, Fed. States of Kyowa shipping
Yap Micronesia, Fed. States of Kyowa shipping
Ulaanbaatar Mongolia US$ 2850 US$ 4500 by sea to Xinghan, China, and train from Xinghan to Ulaanbaatar, every Friday
Maputo Mozambique US$ 2800 US$ 4300 MSC, Every Monday
BEIRA Mozambique US$ 2400 MAERSK
Yangon Myanmar US$ 1450
Walbis Bay Namibia US$ 2490 US$ 4000 MAERSK updated JUN 2012
Calcutta Nepal
Rotterdam Netherlands It takes 40days from Japan
Amsterdam Netherlands US$ 1560 US$ 3150 once a month (JAN.2014)
Aruba Netherlands Antilles
Curacao Netherlands Antilles as of 2004/09/29. One sailing per month.
Bonaire Netherlands Antilles
Phillipsburg Netherlands Antilles US$ 5500 US$ 8700 One sailing per month, Container : Tropical shipping
Noumea New Caledonia Kyowa shipping
Auckland New Zealand ARMACUP (updated Jan.2014)
Tauranga New Zealand US$ 1960
Napier New Zealand US$ 1960
Wellington New Zealand US$ 1960
Lyttelton New Zealand US$ 1960 US$ 1510 US$ 2450 container rates updated AUG 2014
Korinto Nicaragua
Lagos Nigeria US$ 2950 US$ 5740 once every month end, K-line/MO Line Container service MSC.PIL
Saipan Northern Mariana Islands
DRAMMEN Norway US$ 2550 US$ 4550 Shipping done by Silver Shipping Company container transit 43 days, RORO-Hoegh Auto Liners
OSLO Norway US$ 1940 US$ 3350 shippping line : MSC up dated OCT.2013
Muscat Oman US$ 1592 US$ 2888 Isewan Kaiun( Mr.Ishihama) 40\' and 40\'hc are same price. every Wednesday. 2008/Dec/19
Karachi Pakistan US$ 1085 US$ 1580 20FEET, 40FEET (WAN HAI)RORO (NYK, K-LINE, MOL /joint company service updated June.2020)
Koror Palau US$ 3550 US$ 5980 CARRIER GLOBAL FREIGHT
Balboa Panama US$ 3250 US$ 5000 Maersk line(Feb.5.2008)
Moresby Papua New Guinea US$ 2500 NYK Shipping Company /MO Shipping Company -Once every month end provide service in turn, heavily booked possible to wait up to 2 months 20FTonly
Lae Papua New Guinea US$ 2200 Container 20FT only
Tarawa Papua New Guinea Kyowa shipping
Alotau Papua New Guinea KYOWA SHIPPING
Asuncion Paraguay US$ 4500 US$ 6600 EVER GREEN (Order: EXNET)
Callao Peru US$ 2200 US$ 2684 US$ 5413 MSC  RO/RO K-LINE
MATARANI Peru US$ 2360 US$ 2684 US$ 5413 Evergreen
Manila Philippines US$ 1440 US$ 710 US$ 1010 Container shipping by OOCL. RORO shipment for LHD only
Cebu Philippines US$ 1300 US$ 2100 UPDATED with EXNET 11 11 2011
DAVAO Philippines US$ 2440 NYK LINE T/S HONG KONG updated Aug.2014
Gdansk Poland US$ 2800 US$ 4700 RORO AVAILABLE from 2018
Gdynia Poland US$ 2800 US$ 4800 CONTAINERS ONLY
LISBON Portugal US$ 2750 US$ 4900 EX-NET , updated 29 07 2010 CARRIER YANG MING
San Juan Puerto Rico US$ 4237 US$ 4780 Oceanic
DOHA Qatar US$ 1100 US$ 2055 MSC Japan
Pointe Des Galtes Reunion US$ 4550 US$ 2275 US$ 3892 Container only, MSC, A french Island in indian ocean
Constanta Romania US$ 1650 US$ 2980 Rate by MSC DEC 2015
Vladivostok Russian Federation US$ 1614 US$ 1510 US$ 2390 RoRo: ECL AGENCY(Per unit) UPDATED JUNE.2020 //Container UPDATED MAY. 2015 SINOKOR
Novorossiysk Russian Federation US$ 2327 US$ 3897 SHIPPING LINE: CMA-CGM(SUNNY MARINE) UPDATED MAY.2015
Nakhodka Russian Federation US$ 1505 US$ 2070 UPDATE 2015 MAY JAPAN NAKHODKA LINE(SOC BASIS) IN CASE OF COC, BOND US$1,200(20FT),US$2,000(40FT)
MAGADAN Russian Federation US$ 4050 US$ 6470 via: Vostochny Trans Russia Agency updated FEB.2013
Novosibirsk Russian Federation US$ 3573 US$ 4786 STATION NOVOSIBIRSK-VOSTOCHNY via: VLADIVOSTOK fesco line(Trans Russia Agency) updated MAY.2015
Basseterre Saint Kitts and Nevis RO/RO K-LINE
Port Castries Saint Lucia US$ 4470 US$ 6170 TOHA SHIPPING / WEEKLY SERVICE , K-line ,NYK,MOL RO/RO shipment (Nov.2014)
Apia Samoa US$ 5300 US$ 7950 Kyowa shipping
Pago Pago Samoa US$ 5450 US$ 9950 Kyowa Shipping to American Samoa Pago Pago
Dammam Saudi Arabia US$ 1900 US$ 3400
Jeddha Saudi Arabia US$ 1320 US$ 2455
Dakar Senegal US$ 3030 US$ 5700 20 and 40ft HQ container, MAERSK LINE
Mahe Seychelles US$ 5216 40H SUNNY MARINE TRANSPORT (UP DATE JUL.2015)
Freetown Sierra Leone US$ 4600 US$ 3600 US$ 6700 NO RO-RO CONTAINER SERVICE:CMA EVERY THU. UPDATED JUL.16.2010
Singapore Singapore US$ 765 US$ 1165 EVERGREEN, Every Wednesday
Honiara Solomon Islands US$ 3850 20ft only, Kyowa shipping
Berbera Somalia US$ 3200 US$ 5500 CONTAINER SHIPMENT ONLY
Durban South Africa US$ 2000 US$ 3500 Hoegh Autoliners , K-line updated June.2020
Santander Spain
Valencia Spain US$ 2660 US$ 4660 40ft HQ container, Maersk
Algeciras Spain US$ 1835 US$ 3470 MAERSK LINE
Barcelona Spain US$ 2300 US$ 4800 RORO - Hoegh Auto Liner, Containers by NTA (Rates good until end of June 2008.)
Colombo Sri Lanka US$ 1580 US$ 2630 container WANHAI (20FT) MAERSK(40FT) updated Nov.2014
Kingstown St. Vincent & the Grenadines US$ 5430 US$ 6720 K-line , YUWA 40HC, every Thursday
Bassetterre St.Kitts k-line
Port Sudan Sudan US$ 1950 US$ 3400 CMACGM shipping , updated 25 OCT 2011
Paramaribo Suriname US$ 3620 US$ 6200 RO/RO Hoegh Auto Liners / UPDATES NOV.2014
Gothenburg Sweden US$ 2300 US$ 4020 Armacup, 2times a month, about 50days from Japan
Malmo Sweden K-LINE
Papeete Tahiti
Keelung Taiwan US$ 800
Dar es Salaam Tanzania, United Republic of US$ 1800 US$ 3250 Container carrier MSC(order EX-NET They have special price) Update Apr.20.2010
Zanzibar Tanzania, United Republic of US$ 2295 US$ 4495 Maersk Line
Laem chabang Thailand US$ 1400 US$ 800 US$ 1090 Eastern Car Liner , Ever Green(Order to EX-NET) up dated Jun.14.2010, RORO once a month
LAT KRABANG Thailand US$ 860 US$ 1090 Carrier:Ever Green(Order to EX-NET) updated JUN.14.2010
Lome Togo US$ 2615 US$ 5180 K-line or MOL, container 20ft/40ftHC MSC
Nukualofa Tonga Kyowa Shipping
Port of Spain Trinidad and Tobago US$ 4700 US$ 7030 K-line, 40ft HQ container costs 7380 USD
Derince Turkey K-Line - Twice a Month & Armacup japan
Gemlik Turkey US$ 2750 US$ 4750 Rates Valid til March 31st, Transit is 40days.
Not Available Turks and Caicos Islands US$ 6320 US$ 8370 CONTAINER SHIPMENT ONLY(YUWA SHIPPING)
Odessa Ukraine US$ 2500 US$ 4850 20 and 40ft HQ container, NYK LINE
Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates K-line
Jebel Ali United Arab Emirates US$ 2000 US$ 3000 K-line (NOV.2014)
Southampton United Kingdom US$ 2040 US$ 3230 ARMACUP (updated Jul.2014) Container EXNET(updated Feb.2015)
Bristol United Kingdom
Any port United Kingdom
Newcastle United Kingdom Hoegh Autoliners
Liverpool United Kingdom US$ 2600 US$ 5100 Med shipping - 45 days.
GRIMSBY United Kingdom RoRo: Armacup updated June.2020
Montevideo Uruguay US$ 3100 US$ 5800 MSC reference updated on JUNE 2011
East coast USA US$ 2800 Containers only
West coast USA US$ 2500 US$ 4200 Same fees apply to major ports on both West and East cost
Detroit USA US$ 3958 US$ 5211 Via Long Beach, Every Wednesday. CY CUT IS FRIDAY.
MIAMI USA US$ 3500 US$ 5950 Take one month. Space is tight.
Savanah USA US$ 2310 US$ 4820 US$ 6160 WWW, RORO space 5 month wait. (Container shipping every Wednesday. 24 days by OOCL)
Boston USA US$ 3832 US$ 5164 Via Long Beach, Every Wednesday.
Chicago USA US$ 4470 US$ 6430 EVERY WEDNESDAY
Tampa Bay USA US$ 6710 US$ 7610 Exnet updated JULY 2014
Los Angeles/long Beach USA US$ 2310 US$ 2850 US$ 3850 Carrier:MSC  Peak season surcharge 20ft. 400 USD, 40ft. 563 USD ro/ro :nissann motor car carrier Updated,May.25.2010 RoRo Wallenius updated June.2020
Jacksonville USA US$ 2310 US$ 4230 US$ 5900 Carrier:MSC, Peak season surcharge 20ft. 320 USD, 40ft. 450 USD. Updated MAY.25.2010 RORO-HOEGH
Houston USA US$ 3563 US$ 5156 CARRIER: K-L / COSCO / YML / HJ transit Long Beach
Tulsa, Oklahoma USA US$ 5540 US$ 7500 Updated 06,2014, Prices for Container L.A-DALLAS-RAIL TRANS service, DALLAS-TULSA - INLAND TRANSP need pay extra
DUTCH HARBOUR / ALASKA USA US$ 3150 US$ 3990 Estimated JUNE 2013
New York USA US$ 2310 US$ 4770 US$ 6430 exnet updated JULY 2014 RoRo Hoegh Autoliners (updated, June.2020)
GALVESTON USA US$ 2310 roro Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics (Sep.2014)
Honolulu , Hawai USA US$ 5800 updated OCT 2014
Tacoma, Washington USA US$ 2310 US$ 1750 US$ 2150 W&W updated OCT 2014 / Container shipping via SHIPPING LINE YANG MING
BALTIMORE USA US$ 2310 roro Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics (Aug.2014)
Newport News USA US$ 2310
OAKLAND USA US$ 2730 US$ 3400 updated Feb.2015 Booking agent: Exnet
Oakland USA US$ 3800
New Jersey USA US$ 2310
Port Vila Vanuatu US$ 4660 Kyowa shipping
Santo Vanuatu US$ 4660 Kyowa shipping
Abidjan Venezuela US$ 2200
La Guaira Venezuela
Pt. Cabello Venezuela
Hochiminh Viet Nam US$ 1050 Hual
Aden & Hodeidah Yemen US$ 3200 US$ 6200 updated 03 08 2010 / PIL shipping

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Nissan SKYLINE, 1992

Stock No: 35596, GT-R 4WD, 1992, 2600cc, 173600km

USD 34,091

Nissan SKYLINE, 1992

Stock No: 35437, GT-R 4WD, 1992, 2600cc, 182200km

USD 36,364

Nissan SKYLINE, 1992

Stock No: 36116, 2.0 GTS-4 4WD TURBO, 1992, 2000cc, 155500km

USD 26,515


Stock No: 36062, SKU70L-160, 1976, 0cc, 0km

USD 3,996