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Export/Shipping documents

Japan Partner Inc. takes care of all needed paperwork on Japan side and you will need to find a customs broker on your end to smoothly customs clear your car.  Here is the set of documents that you are going to receive from us:

1. Bill of Lading

It contains information regarding owner (customer), vessel name, voyage number, type of cargo shipped (in most of the cases maker and chassis number), departure port, destination port and departure date.  The shipping company issues Bill of Lading on the day of vessel’s departure from the port.  It takes around a week for a shipper to receive it since it goes through customs and broker channels before shipper can receive it.

Bill of Lading


2. Export Deregistration Certificate (Yushutsumasho)

Export Certificate is similar to "Car Title".  This document is issued by road police office upon shipper’s application request. This document contains information regarding previous owner and technical specification of a certain vehicle.

Export Certificate

3. English translation of Export Deregistration Certificate

This translation is required by your local customs agent and is provided and verified by our company

Export Certificate Translation

4. Commercial Invoice

It is issued by our company and contains information regarding customer name, address, incoterm, goods type and price.

Commercial Invoice Japan Partner, Example

5. ISF form (International Security Filing).

*Only for customers from USA

U.S. Customs requires that ISF be accepted and on file with Customs a minimum of 24 hours prior to the vessel departing. We will provide all needed information so you can fill out this form that needs to be done while the car is being shipped.  This form is quite straightforward so you should not have any problems with it. The information sheet is not the ISF filing. It is just a form to provide all data elements needed to file the ISF.

ISF Filing example

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Toyota MASTER ACE SURF, 1986

Stock No: 33774, Super Touring Skylight Roof, 1986, 2000cc, 82500km

USD 11,200

Tadano Crane, 1990

Stock No: 31765, , 1990, 0cc, 0km

USD 1,488

Mazda Roadster, 1992

Stock No: 33458, Eunos, 1992, 1600cc, 75000km

USD 12,000