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Japan Partner Incorporated is a legally registered Japanese company operating in Nagoya (Central Japan) since 2002.

We have been conducting business for the last 12 years in the Chubu Region and should the need arise we can send you our registration documents as proof of our legitimacy. Many sites listed on the Internet are run by private individuals without any legal business registration or address, thus increasing commercial risks and scams. It is one of Japan Partner's goals to help prospective clients in avoiding these types of companies.

We have also strived in showcasing our performance side by investing in some of our cars to be used on professional racing tracks. The Supra shown below was modified by Japan Partner’s technicians.

(this is the actual supra that was prepared at Japan Partner Inc facilities )

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1. Japan Partner Inc. owns the exclusive patent for the JAPAN PARTNER corporate trademark name, which is only awarded to large companies with a good operating history (patent trademark and registration available upon request).

2. We own several acres of land where our main office is located, accommodating our repair shops/bays, container loading/vanning terminal, storage facilities, vehicle yards and parking lots. There are many car trading companies in Japan with nice websites but have only a small office without any logistics capability. If problems arise, this kind of company can easily disappear and establish a new company leaving you with no recourse to recover any losses. Japan Partner not only owns the land in its current premises, but has also heavily invested in its infrastructure. We are on excellent standing with the local community, and are extremely reliable in all aspects of business.

3. We are proud to be in partnership with a registered importer in the USA whom we have worked with for the last eight years; shipping over 160 cars in total. Should you feel more comfortable working with our partner to import Nissan Skylines or other 25 year old vehicles, please feel free to contact his company directly. He is our exclusive partner for importing Jeep Cherokees, which are the primary choice for postal workers doing mail delivery.

Our partner's contact details are:

President: Mr. Blaine Hoy
Mailing address: 13520 SW Butner Road, Beaverton, OR 97005
Oregon Dealer DA 2147
Shop address: 2060 SW 170th Ave, Beaverton, OR 97006
Email: / Phone: 503-686-0284

Mr. Hoy frequently visits our facilities, and will be glad to confirm that we are a legitimate business with an extensive trading history with the USA. {His company, RHD Vehicles, is a Registered Importer (with NHTSA/USDOT), a licensed, insured and bonded Oregon used car dealer, and a member of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.

4. All Nissan Skyline models in our inventory are readily available for viewing, testing and purchasing at Japan Partner's facility. We will be glad to accommodate you and provide the opportunity to test drive the vehicle you are interested in. In contrast to other car companies on the internet that have 'stocks' that actually do not exist, we offer real, tangible choices which you can check and drive here. You can easily cross check the cars we advertise with the documentation we provide.

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For example, here is stock #23807 (24,807 is the actual number of vehicles processed by our company to date).

1. This skyline can be viewed here on our web-site. (the blue Skyline GTR parked in the front)

2. You can view our company name on the banner/sign outside of our facilities in English with a screen shot of that Nissan Skyline on our corporate web-site:

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3. You can view our company name on the banner/sign outside of our facilities in Japanese

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Here is a vehicle's Export Certificate, meaning that this car is ready to be exported at any time. It matches all the details provided on the website, and shows that it belongs to Japan Partner. Our company name is in indicated on the field OWNER, showing that we have ownership of this unit. The Export Certificate acts as a title for DMV licensing and registration.

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5. We have been dealing particularly with sports and performance cars, including all models of Nissan Skylines since the establishment of our company. As of today, we have sold 708 Skylines worldwide. We have extensive knowledge regarding the purchasing, maintenance and pre-shipment inspection of these cars. We put a significant emphasis in making sure the body is rust free and ensuring the car engine and transmission are in very good working order. We are aware that the US market is swarmed with rusty R32 Skylines. It is Japan Partner's commitment to our clients that they can choose from our stocks and be assured that they are rust-free units.

6. We have over 360,000 registered customers around the world, and also have a history of conducting business in 141 countries. We are also proud to be on the first page of Google searches on many vehicle related topics. As you may imagine, this would be difficult to achieve unless Japan Partner has an extensive, mutually profitable and reliable business here in Japan.

7. We have supplied all kinds of vehicles to individuals, companies, embassies, United Nations employees and its affiliated organizations; we are poised and ready to supply more! We conduct financial transactions in several foreign currencies in cooperation with dealers worldwide assuring productive and successful relationships. We do our best to go the extra mile for our clients!

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8. The most crucial aspect of our corporate policy is customer satisfaction for all of our clients around the world. We carefully inspect every vehicle in our stock, ensuring our clients receive their vehicles in excellent working condition with any problems fixed prior to shipment. As you may know, parts for R32 Skylines are not readily available in the USA, so we make it a point to replace faulty or missing parts prior to the vehicle being shipped from Japan.

9. We are a member of JUMVEA (JUMVEA is Japan Used Motor Vehicle Exporters Association approved by the Government of Japan. The membership in this organization is awarded only to a legally registered company that has been engaged in the export business for an extended period of time and is in a good business standing. In addition, our president, served on the board of directors of JUMVEA for 3 years.

10. You can always be contacted by Japan Partner's appropriate staff and managers with the specific language used in your region and country (We can use English, Japanese, German, Russian, Kyrgyz, Kazakh, Polish and Tagalog).

11. A video call/conversation (via Skype, Facetime, etc.) with our staff in charge of your transaction proves our actual presence and is a good chance to see:

  • Japan Partner's staff managing your purchase;
  • Japan Partner's office and infrastructure;
  • Japan Partner's Auction System, Live Bidding, and how vehicles are acquired from the more than 3 dozen auction houses across Japan that we are an active member;
  • Our container vanning/loading facilities, and vehicle yards which hold our stock.

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12. We recommend that you contact the Japanese Embassy in your country and obtain more information regarding our business and services.

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In summary, there are a lot of car export predatory businesses from Japan currently doing transactions over the Internet; targeting potential clients for their hard-earned money. Japan Partner is committed to ensuring that clients are given the highest priority in their respective transactions. Our staff always endeavors to provide personalized customer service to each and every client Japan Partner has the honor of conducting business at every point around the globe. We make sure that our valued customers have no doubts in their minds regarding the process of their purchases. Quality, Safe, Reliable, Fast and Efficient; these words make up our day to day goal at Japan Partner. You are in good hands with our company!

Feel free to contact us by email at or call us at +81-567-94-0015 for your questions or concerns, we will be glad to accommodate you. If you are ready to place an order and make a purchase, please sign-up and register on our website (registration is free). Japan Partner is always at your service!

In addition to our real estate, logistical facilities and on-hands stock we have a full package of licenses which let us conduct business legally in all areas of automotive business. Please check details here

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Honda BEAT, 1991

Stock No: 33443, PP1, 1991, 660cc, 130000km

USD 4,750

Toyota FORKLIFT, 1987

Stock No: 33857, 5FG25, 1987, 1486cc, 700km

USD 3,810

Daihatsu HIJET TRUCK, 1992

Stock No: 33560, 4WD, 1992, 650cc, 85800km

USD 1,917

Nissan SKYLINE, 1991

Stock No: 33843, 2.0 GTS-T, 1991, 2000cc, 25928km

USD 19,167