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482,462 Customers

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4,576 in stock cars

Business with Japan Partner. The advantages of dealing with us

While there are plenty of companies in Japan exporting used machinery and cars, we always provide our best effort to become the leader in the industry.


The most crucial aspect of Japan Partner corporate policy is customer satisfaction for all of our clients around the world. We carefully inspect every vehicle in our stock, ensuring our clients receive their vehicles in excellent working condition with any problems fixed prior to shipment.


Potential clients are always welcome to come visit us in our facilites.  If this is not possible, a video call/conversation (via Skype, Facetime, Viber, etc.) with our staff in charge of your transaction proves our actual presence and is a good chance to see:

  • Japan Partner’s staff managing your purchase;
  • Japan Partner’s office and infrastructure;
  • Japan Partner’s Auction System, Live Bidding, and how vehicles are acquired from the more than 3 dozen auction houses across Japan where we are an active member;
  • Our container vanning/loading facilities, and vehicle yards which hold our stock

We are on excellent standing with the local community, and are extremely reliable in all aspects of business.   You can always be contacted by Japan Partner’s appropriate staff and managers with the specific language used in your region and country (We can use English, Japanese, German, Russian, Kyrgyz, Kazakh, Polish and Tagalog).


A majority of other car exporters have very limited choices on what they can offer from their stock.  We and other local associate dealerships aggregate and list more than 6000 vehicles that are readily available!


Japan Partner has heavily invested in its infrastructure to become a one-stop solution for your automotive business needs.  Aside from our car dismantling area for parts, our yard has the ability to do loading/vanning to two 20 or 40/40HC foot containers at the same time.  We can conduct every sort of mechanical, body and full/complete paint work with Japan-grade materials and technical know-how.  Once you purchase the vehicle from us, we can do any type of desired improvements or needed repairs before shipment.


Our company is one of the few exporters in Japan that conducts pre-shipment inspection on vehicles, regardless of the destination in port and country.  We personally endeavor to make very important checks on the cars before they are shipped, since it is easier to source parts here in Japan in addition to having the technical knowledge and know-how.


We are a member of JUMVEA (JUMVEA is Japan Used Motor Vehicle Exporters Association approved by the Government of Japan. The membership in this organization is offered only to a legally registered company that has been engaged in the export business for an extended period of time and is in a good business standing.   In addition, our president, served on the board of directors of JUMVEA for 3 years.


In Japan, if you own the land; you own the trust.  Japan Partner has several acres of land where our main office is located, accommodating our repair shops/bays, container loading/vanning terminal, storage facilities, vehicle yards and parking lots.  There are many car trading companies in Japan with nice websites but have only a small office without any logistics capability. If problems arise, this kind of company can easily disappear and establish a new company leaving you with no recourse to recover any losses.


Japan Partner Inc. has numerous satisfied customers around the world who can confirm their experience in dealing and buying from our company.  We have over 360,000 registered customers around the world, and also have a history of conducting business in 141 countries. We are also proud to be on the first page of Google searches on many vehicle related topics. As you may imagine, this would be difficult to achieve unless Japan Partner has an extensive, mutually profitable and reliable business here in Japan.


You, as a potential client, can verify our business registration through your local embassy, or by requesting our company’s registration documents.  We have shipped over 20,000 vehicles over the last 12 years, and in itself is the biggest proof of Japan Partner’s reliability and trustworthiness.

Read more: Why you can trust us...


Hundreds of customers and clients visit our company every year to oversee their purchases and containers, so we encourage you to come and check us out to make sure first-hand on the scope, quality and professionalism of Japan Partner.  We will be happy to not only show you how we conduct business, but will also ensure that you enjoy your stay and see and experience some of the best places and tourist spots in Central Japan.

In summary, there are a lot of car export predatory businesses from Japan currently doing transactions over the Internet; targeting potential clients for their hard-earned money. Japan Partner is committed to ensuring that clients are given the highest priority in their respective transactions. Our staff always aims to provide personalized customer service to each and every client Japan Partner has the honor of conducting business with around the globe. We make sure that our valued customers have no doubts in their minds regarding the process of their purchases. Quality, Safe, Reliable, Fast and Efficient; these words make up our day to day goal at Japan Partner. You are in good hands with our company!

Feel free to contact us by email at or call us at +81-567-94-0015 for your questions or concerns, we will be glad to accommodate you. If you are ready to place an order and make a purchase, please sign-up and register on our website (registration is free). Japan Partner is always at your service!

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Nissan SKYLINE, 1989

Stock No: 35340, 2.0 GTS-T TYPE M, 1989, 2000cc, 112400km

USD 14,400

Nissan SKYLINE, 1991

Stock No: 35313, 2.0 GTS-T TYPE M, 1991, 2000cc, 123280km

USD 17,600

Bayliner Marine BOAT, 1988

Stock No: 35301, CAPRI 1700cc, 1988, 0cc, 0km

USD 5,485

Tadano Crane, 1990

Stock No: 31765, , 1990, 0cc, 0km

USD 1,488